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Past and Present, A tribute to those wonderful four legged creatures that make our lives complete.

19 February 2014 – Idiocracy

Is that actually a word? It should be! It certainly describes the BS I had to deal with last night! That’s it for working past just upsets me and then I can’t wondered I’m stressed out. 

And then….the Miracle! Our baby girl Pebbles, whom we thought was lost forever, managed to survive 13 days out in the cold and snow and was found running down the road 10 kms from home yesterday. Tim is ecstatic and I was an emotional wreck last night…couldn’t sleep!

That all aside, yesterday was a good day. We didn’t get out anywhere but got a lot accomplished nonetheless. The best part of the day was supper..homemade Hummus and pita bread with Heinee up the hiney style chicken. 😀

Hiney Chicken

I’ve had a couple of new followers sign up for my posts this past couple of days. The email addresses don’t tell me much about who you are, so would love if you could comment and let me know how I know you.  If I don’t know you, please introduce yourself and don’t be a random stranger. 🙂

Now, how I forgot about this story is completely beyond me. Ran into a fellow Canadian the other day who is housed not far from us. He works for the company that is contracted by the UN for airlifting cargo and people around the country. Apparently last Thursday night, he was sitting in his living room, working on his computer, when he heard the sound of a gunshot and what he thought was a bullet coming through his window. He dove to the ground not knowing what was going on only to realize that a bullet had been shot in the air and then come down through his roof to pass through his couch and end up on the floor not 2 m from where he was sitting. He showed us the bullet. Talk about scary. I must be getting used to the sound of gunfire…either that or I just don’t hear it with my AC running and being so tired all the time. I guess I missed quite the shoot out on Saturday night as well..sustained automatic fire behind us, but quite a distance away this time. I did hear a shot very clearly last night, however, and I didn’t even flinch. Must have been the result of the Code 9 call! LOL

I got up this morning, very tired from not sleeping well last night, and commented to Ken about what an emotional roller coaster ride this tour has been…in the little over three months of being here, I have experienced a full range of emotions…everything from fear to elation, anger to joy..and just about everything in between. 

That’s it for today

soldiermomma signing off


Pebbles – Our Miracle

We are so happy you are safe. Please don’t run away again. We love you!