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Playing Catchup

Okay, so it’s 5:38 NL time and I’m bored out of my skull already. I’m sitting in a wee little room in Gander and am remided that just a year ago, I was pretty much doing the same thing…EXCEPT…here I am feeling safe and freezing my cahoney’s off.

A short synopsis since the last time I posted…let’s see, lots of stuff going on. First and foremost, Cameron has been on his own since the middle of February. We shipped him out to Manitoba to start his career and I’ve missed him, and worried about him ever since…guess that’s the new norm for me now. But he’s doing great just as I knew he would. I love you buddy.

I had a great summer birding and hanging out with those I love and missed during the time I was away. Looking back now though, I realize that my head was still somewhere else.. although at the time it didn’t feel like it. Lots of hugs and kisses to Tim for being there for me during that time post South Sudan. You’re the best babes.

Some accomplishments since being back…yeah, yeah, pride comes before a fall! LOL. At least it will be on record now.

3rd place in the CAF photography contest for my Monkey mom and baby picture.

2nd place in the Sierra Club photo contest for a picture of a yellow warbler

Ruffed Grouse picture featured on the Cornell of Ornithology Facebook page with a write up from the staff

Canada Warbler picture featured on the cover of the Spring issue of the NSBS magazine

2 pictures of mine are now being displayed at the Museum of Natural History..have yet to get to see them

All in all, my hobby has become very gratifying and I am only getting better I think. Practice makes perfect. 🙂

In October I was sent to Gander for 2 months…at the time I didn’t think that was a great idea, however, it turned out to be the best thing that happened for me (careerwise) since before leaving Kingston. I came back with my confidence…the people here are beyond friendly and a little appreciation for my skills and knowledge went a long way to restoring it.

We had a lovely and quiet Christmas break spending time with loved ones and counting down the days until Cameron left.

I am now back in Gander for another fairly long stint but enjoying it no less, even with the cold.

I was fortunate and traversed to Goose Bay this week…finally got to see my Ptarmigans I had so desparately wanted to find!

Willow Ptarmigan

As you can see, I played with my watermark and figured out how to make it look a tad more professional.

Now where was I? Oh yes, other than that, things have been pretty quiet. I will finish working here and then I will be off on another adventure at an Artillary unit…should be great..I’ll get every Friday off for working some nights during the month. Love it! More twitching time!

I believe that I will also be allowed to do Public Affairs work there as well, which means that all my photography equipment will be provided (albeit Nikon!!!) so that I will be able to go out and get pictures of the boys in action. Can’t wait!

I want to send a shout out to my new friends here in Gander who may not know that I am an on and off blogger…

Angie! Your open arms my first day here have not yet closed and I thank you! Always keep them open for me. 🙂

Lori! I know you won’t see this because you’re not on Facebook but what a time! Can’t wait to spend St. Patty’s day in Buchans!

Juanita! We only just met and hung out together for a couple of weeks before such tragedy parted us…but we met for a reason and although it may not be clear yet, the reason will make itself known.

For all of you gals, as soon as we met, there was a connection and I feel like we’ve known each other for a lot longer than we have…I wonder if I was a Newf in my previous life?

OH YEAH! I forgot, I also got screeched in the last time I was here….kissed a cod and everyting! Now I’m a true blue honorary Newf by!

I’ll leave you not promising to keep this up while I’m here…but a promise that I will try. Here are some scenic pics from the last time.

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Soldiermomma signing off


7 April 2014 – Sticking Post

“Screw your courage to the sticking post…” Lady MacBeth

It’s my last day at home. God, this past 2 weeks went fast! And I had even less time than I should have to get things done because of the weather.

Yesterday was spent lazing around the house, watching movies and spending time with the kids (at least once they got their butts out of bed!)

I don’t think watching “The Machine Gun Preacher” was a wise choice prior to having to go back. I think I should have waited until I was done…I didn’t realize how disturbing it would be for me.

So this will be it until I can get back on a computer over there. Thanks to all for making this a great two weeks. I will see everyone in a month (or thereabouts).

That’s it for today

soldiermomma signing off



4 April 2014 – Concert

WOW! What a great concert and “date night” last night!

We started off going for some dinner at the Grand Taj…Tim was very happy that I have expanded my tastes in food and the meal was amazing! This tour certainly had some benefits for me. 🙂

Then off to the Metro Center to wait in line to get in…as usual, that was a huge pain in the butt!

Once inside though, there is something about the vibe of that many people gathered to hear a legend like Black Sabbath…anticipation and excitement was palpable and everyone scattered across all age groups were feeling it just the same.

It amazes me how 4 people can bring together thousands and generate that kind of excitement.

The stage and lighting was astounding, the music loud and I can now say I have seen a legend in concert!
Those guys have to be close to hitting 70 yrs old and they bounced and ran around like they were still in their 20’s! Poor Ozzy looks as if he is suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis…with his lifestyle, I have to say, I’m surprised he’s still alive! What a guy!

I won’t sit here and expound on the songs and their meanings or anything like that…let’s just say, once you know the words, there are some pretty deep lyrics…layered with multiple meanings and reference…and not always in the way the public thinks based on the titles or  phrases that would indicate otherwise.

Anyhoo….yesterday was a pretty boring one for the most part. Finally got my haircut and did a short drive around close to home to see what I could see for birds. Donna, your house is still standing. 🙂

Four days left at home….sigh.

That’s it for today.

soldiermomma signing off.

PS- Thanks for all the views on my new website! I had a record number of hits yesterday. 🙂


2 April 2014 – Confined

Well, Mother Nature confined me to quarters again yesterday. Some people may thing that it’s great to have an excuse to sit around and do nothing, however, I have just finished 4 months of doing that and I find it hard to accept that I have to do it at home at this time of year.

That being said, I started a project to occupy some of my time. Since I started birding, I have wanted to organize and document all of my birds pictures. I think I found a way yesterday via a website. I have been working on it since the idea came to me (I was inspired by a fellow nature photographer). It is currently in production and it entitled “My Addiction Photography”. This won’t be a complete list of the birds I take pictures of. This will be the best of the best pictures I have to display. Crossing fingers I can get it to work…I’ve hit a glitch in getting pictures to go where I want them to. But I’m determined to make it work!

On today’s agenda…not sure. We found an woodstove/oil fed/coal stove really cheap, so we are picking it up today. My kitchen will be reorganized once we get it installed. Can’t wait…it’s the kind of woodstove my grandmother used to use to heat the house and bake bread and beans….a full cookstove. Nice. If anyone is interested in buying an antique dining room set with petit point covered chairs and includes a whiskey cabinet, a buffet and 9 ft table with 6 chairs, let me know! 😉

Other than that, yesterday was pretty fact this post cries out to be categorized as one of those average days in my average life I describe on my “about” page.

That’s it for today

soldiermomma signing off

27 March 2014 – Blah

Well, we weathered the storm no problem. I spent the time not birding, doing my ebird checklists from the past couple of days, chilling in front of the fire, updating my bird life list and going through some pictures. A very relaxing day, but I’m so ready to get back out there..especially after this storm…who knows what blew in! Can’t wait for Friday if I can’t get out today!

Looks like we have some shovelling out to do…can’t get out the front door! We are snowed in. As the sun comes up, we will be better able to assess what this weather bomb brought us. HA! Just looked out and it would seem that our wonderful neighbor has already been here and plowed us out! WOW! We owe him another case of his favorite brew for sure!

Bet the Snowy Owls are loving this weather!

Heading into town tonight to the NSBS meeting if we can get there. Was very pleased while reading the current issue to see some of my efforts at documenting and finding birds last year did not go unnoticed. 🙂

Other than that, a boring day ahead I think.

That’s it for today

soldiermomma signing off