15 April 2014 – Chick

For those that aren’t following me on FB, we have one very healthy little pigeon chick in the nest. Ken discovered yesterday morning that it had hatched sometime in the night Sunday!

I tried getting pics, I tried to set up video, but there’s just no way to do it justice in the area they are nesting. So I will have to get descriptive, and you will have to get imaginative.

Imagine a little body no bigger than an egg, with flappy, barely controllable wings, all  of which is covered in the thinnest layer of tiny pin feathers; a tiny little head on a neck barely able to support it, which, by the way, looks to be made of two big black eyeballs that are still shut, and a huge beak in proportion to that head. That little body is in the nest, all cuddled in with mom, and as he sticks his head out from under her protective breast, he pokes at her beak looking for food. She opens up her beak and brings up the nutritious mixture of breakfast for her new little one, which he hungrily goes in after. As he lays in the nest while mom is preening, all you can see is a little blob, his back not completely covered with feathers yet, so it looks pink and shiny in places. All in all, a very ugly little creature, but cute at the same time.

I sat and watched for quite some time yesterday in awe that this fragile little bit of bones, skin and feathers would eventually turn into a lovely pigeon…I actually can’t wait to see what color he will be when he gets bigger…will he be white and black with that purple sheen on his neck and spats, looking dapper like his dad, or that charcoal gray with nary a marking, all svelte and dignified like his mom. Pigeons are so varied in their plumage, it will be fun to see the final results.

Other than that, my day was pretty routine. Got a lot of work done, but still quite a bit to go yet. I am pacing myself so that it doesn’t all get done at once and then there’s nothing to do.

I will try to update the pigeon nesting experience and describe the stages as it progresses…and I will keep trying to get a good picture…once he’s bigger, it may be easier.

That’s it for today.

soldiermomma signing off.


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I am an average woman, of average age, leading an average life...at least on the surface. Sixteen years ago, I chose to spice up the average-ness of my life by putting on combat boots. Some of my blogs reflect my experiences while wearing them. Some blogs are of my passion and hobby, birding and bird photography...and some, well, can't help but blogging about average things living an average life! Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Lou-Anne. You have a real gift for writing. I feel like I’m reading a good book! Have a great day!!!!!!

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