28 March 2014 – Addiction

Hi! My name is Lou-Anne and I’m a birding a-holic. I’ve been birding for just under a year now, and I can’t stop! LOL

And you know you’re an addict when you start to get excited about seeing GULLS! Of all things!

Tim and I went to our first NSBS meeting last night but before we went, we took a quick drive around to see if anything interesting popped up after the storm.

I found tons of Gulls and thought I found some new ones, but when I got home, the more I looked at the pictures, the more confused I got about what I was seeing..sigh, it will take years before I can look at a Gull and be able to say “Oh, there’s a first winter Herring, or an immature Kumlien’s!” Well, patience is definitely a virtue in the birding world…but having the experts to consult is a good thing, and that’s what I’ll be doing. I am going back out today to take a longer look at them and see if I can start picking out what’s what. I can tell when something looks different, I just can’t name it.

The meeting itself was interesting! I got to chat with some like minded people, and the talk was about 5 different birds in NS that are threatened or endangered….two of those species I have found out here near the house, so it was interesting.

There was also a lady there from the NS Nature Trust organization and I think I will be contacting her….they are looking for volunteers to bird on their protected parcels of land looking for birds that populate them…sounds like a good way to find new birding spots and get out there and see what’s what!

In the meantime, I added a new bird to my list yesterday…saw a pair of Long Tailed Ducks diving around near the Gulls…still a rush to see a new species!

And just so you see what I’m talking about with the gulls….

1C1A5346 1C1A5468 1C1A5478 1C1A5578 1C1A5332

That’s it for today.

Happy Birding!

soldiermomma signing off


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I am an average woman, of average age, leading an average life...at least on the surface. Sixteen years ago, I chose to spice up the average-ness of my life by putting on combat boots. Some of my blogs reflect my experiences while wearing them. Some blogs are of my passion and hobby, birding and bird photography...and some, well, can't help but blogging about average things living an average life! Enjoy!

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