24 February 2014 – Parade of Medals!

Yesterday ended up being a great medal day! Not just because of the Canadian Men’s Hockey team that took home the gold…but also because some of our team members received their much deserved medals for having their boots on the ground here.

Our Acting Head of Mission for the Canadian Embassy was the guest of honor and had the privilege of pinning the medals on our guys and gal. 

The SSudan Team

The SSudan Team before the Hockey Game.


The team After the hockey game! 


Beth and I with our Acting HoM Mr. Richard Le Bars.

Another proud to be Canadian day! 

That’s it for today.

soldiermomma signing off.


About lbidal

I am an average woman, of average age, leading an average life...at least on the surface. Sixteen years ago, I chose to spice up the average-ness of my life by putting on combat boots. Some of my blogs reflect my experiences while wearing them. Some blogs are of my passion and hobby, birding and bird photography...and some, well, can't help but blogging about average things living an average life! Enjoy!

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  1. Just want to say hello and thank you for serving our country! Five Star rating for you and your gang!!!! Love your pics!!!!!

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