22 February 2014 – 6000 kms away

There are many Canadians who are this far, and further, away from home, but no matter what, this little group of Canucks was determined to watch the Men’s Olympic Hockey game last night! It was unfortunate that it wasn’t being aired on the Olympic channel here , so we got innovative. Here’s what we did. We hooked a laptop up to the TV then found friends of one of the guys that was home. He then skyped back to Canada and they set their laptop up in front of their TV so that we could watch! It worked well and we had a great time! I’m sure the local population was wondering what all the hooting and hollering was all about!



The Popcorn!



The Juba Canuck Crew!


Someone posted today about how they think it’s just horrible the way the USA Women’s Team stood on the podium, crying and with sad faces because they lost the game. I agree with them that Silver is nothing to be ashamed of…in any which way, shape or form. What I didn’t agree with was the fact that they thought it was pathetic that they displayed these raw emotions in front of everyone instead of smiling and being happy to get Silver.

Trying to put myself in their shoes (the athletes), I can’t imagine the pressure they must have been under for the last four years to make it that far. Add to that the world’s expectations of them out there on that ice. How many people watching? And they play these games, and perform, knowing the world’s eyes are on them. They train for GOLD, they breathe GOLD, they are brainwashed into wanting GOLD, their country expects GOLD…it’s all about the GOLD. So forgive them, and others like them from other countries, who didn’t quite make it to Gold standard and were disappointed in their performances. Those tears are not unsportsmanlike…I imagine they are tears of disappointment because they feel like they let everyone down……..they didn’t get the GOLD! 

Add to that, look at your news feed on FB that has nothing but Canadians rubbing it in! I’m sure that feels just great! Shame! 

So, let’s cheer the Men’s Hockey Team on! GO FOR SILVER!!! You can do it!! 

All kidding aside, this weekend is proving to be a nice change of pace spending it with my brothers and sister in arms.

That’s it for today

soldiermomma signing off.


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