3 February 2014 – Bats in the Belfry

Yup this is one of those posts I warned everyone about..the boring, average day, in the average life of me! 


Another beautiful sunrise from my window

Yes, I’m a little batty…and a little squirrel-y and definitely a little birdie! I don’t see any squirrels around here, but it’s very cool to sit out on the balcony at night watch the bats flying around, especially since we are suffering from near extinction of them at home.  I Wish I knew what species of bats they are.

Bat girl

Yesterday was quiet, and I spent it…well, doing nothing really. The highlight of the day was the home made cabbage rolls and perogies that Beth made for everyone…superb! We topped off the meal with orange jello with mandarins and whipped topping…oh so good!

Oh yeah, and last night, another heavy storm bringing a deluge of rain, howled through the city at about the time of Superbowl kickoff back there…

 Please rate this post on a scale of 1-5 for BORING!

That’s it for today

soldiermomma signing off


About lbidal

I am an average woman, of average age, leading an average life...at least on the surface. Sixteen years ago, I chose to spice up the average-ness of my life by putting on combat boots. Some of my blogs reflect my experiences while wearing them. Some blogs are of my passion and hobby, birding and bird photography...and some, well, can't help but blogging about average things living an average life! Enjoy!

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  1. theunforgivingminute

    I love it when you talk boring mundane days. Better than the alternative where you are.

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