2 February 2014 – The Rains of Africa


Well, here we are into February already..time is surely flying by quickly!

Bastard decided that it was time for me to get up and at ’em at 6am this morning! Ugh

Earl Grey Tea- who would have thought it would be such a treat here? We served tea and Squashed banana bread to a couple of the guys who are working for us doing upgrades on the house. I gave each of them a couple of tea bags to take with them they loved it so much. Edward, our property manager, was tickled pink that Ken and I actually sit and joke while doing business. He said that he would miss us…what a nice compliment. It’s unfortunate that the people we replaced didn’t “get” the culture here and decided that they wouldn’t even give anyone a bottle of water as a friendly gesture…yet every time Ken and I have gone out to do business around town, that’s the first thing offered to us. It’s just the way it is. But I did joke with Edward and said not to mistake my friendly nature with someone who’s naive! LOL. I will give credit where it’s due, he has worked hard for us and we would have been lost without him and his contacts in this city, especially post crisis when a lot of businesses shut their doors. Even now, we are finding it difficult to get back on track with a few of the people we used to deal with.

Me, Ken and Beth picked up Nikki (the Aussie Chief clerk) and we went for lunch yesterday. It was so nice to get out for a couple of hours! And, oh, I had a Hamburger!! It was divine! Then we poked around the little market that is located just outside of the hotel where we go to eat and bought a few items for souvenirs. Although not locally made, it is still nice to know that our purchases fed a few families for a few days with the pittance that we ended up spending there.

Whilst shopping, we were dripping in sweat, that’s how hot it was! We were joking about the song by Toto, Africa, and how we “miss the rains down in Africa”. After getting back from our foray, Beth and I went out to lounge by and swim in the pool. We had our books with us, and as we sat there, we were surprised by a quick rain shower! Later on, I was in bed, ready to settle in, but kept hearing booms and seeing flashes. I went out on the balcony to make sure it wasn’t tanks and guns! But no, it was Mother Nature in all her glory…Ken, Beth and Greg ended up out there with me and then the heavens opened up and the rains of Africa came down! The heat and humidity prior to this was oppressive..sitting on the balcony this morning, it is a fresh, cool air that greeted me…wonderful!

The entertaining part was during all of the wind, thunder and lightening, we had to do a flag raising ceremony! The South Sudan flag came off the pole in the wind and it was no easy feat to get it back on there with the way things are situated! Made for a few good laughs. The guards thought we were all crazy standing out there in the storm! LOL Oddly enough, there isn’t much evidence left this morning that there was even rain last night…the earth here is thirsty!

2 Feb 14 Sunrise

That’s it for today

soldiermomma singing off


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