31 January 2014- “Squashed Bananas”

Mzuri Habari

If I thought the day before was good, yesterday was even better! It never ceases to amaze me how we cross paths with people that we don’t think will make a difference, and then BOOM! Out of the blue, that person you never thought about twice, does something to make you laugh and gives you hope that the human race is still inherently good! 

Okay Lou-Anne, what the hell are you spewing off about now? Well, let me tell you a little story…insignificant but for me, worth the world.

As some may have figured out, we have to live off the economy over here which means we are given a certain amount of money each day to purchase food, etc and we cook for ourselves. There are 4 main stores that we shop at…they aren’t WalMart although a couple of them take a good stab at it. 

Two of them (Jit and VAMP (yes, they sell hooker style clothing in a corner furthest away from the meat!)) which are owned and operated by families of Asian descent. There’s Phoenicia which is owned and operated by people of middle-eastern descent and then there’s Nature’s Valley which is owned and operated by a family from Kenya. Depending on what we need to purchase, dictates which store we go to find it.

Now, the smallest of these stores is the Kenyan owned one, but it has, by far, the best selection of frozen meat and the service there is awesome. The people there are friendly and chatty (which I have found to be the case of most Kenyans) and there is always service with a smile. In the aftermath of the crisis, when it was safe to go out, the older gentleman that runs the store, would stand guard over our truck while we shopped (they had closed their gates for security reasons). He always has a smile and a wave for us.

When we go there now, we are recognized and greeted enthusiastically. The older fellow was particularly happy to see us yesterday. He noticed right away that I had a big dollar store Canadian Flag on my uniform and indicted that he would love to have one. As it happened, we had some in the truck that we were going to drop off at the tailor to have Velcro sewn on. He followed me out with my groceries and I dug around and gave him a flag. I explained that he would have to sew it on because it didn’t have the Velcro attached…he said “I will have to make it permanent”. I laughed and agreed. He shook my hand and said “Asante Sana” (thank you very much).

Here’s the funny part….my off switch was not engaged on my mouth and as soon as he said that, I came back “Squashed Bananas!! I know that song!!”


I have never seen someone laugh so hard…he hugged me, laughing, and then he said that he was going to start calling me “squashed bananas” whenever I go there! ROFL. What a great moment!

Next time we go, I am taking my camera so I can get a picture of us together with our flags!

That’s it for today

Soldiermomma signing off


About lbidal

I am an average woman, of average age, leading an average life...at least on the surface. Sixteen years ago, I chose to spice up the average-ness of my life by putting on combat boots. Some of my blogs reflect my experiences while wearing them. Some blogs are of my passion and hobby, birding and bird photography...and some, well, can't help but blogging about average things living an average life! Enjoy!

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  1. theunforgivingminute

    What a great moment! I am surprised to hear how many foreigners are in that country. I would think the complete opposite and that they would stay away.

    • Trust me, there are lot less now and I don’t foresee many coming back…a lot of people trying to make some money and get the economy going here lost their shirts. This city wouldn’t even be in existence if it wasn’t for the foreigners…but that’s a story I will leave for another time. 🙂

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