25 January 2014- Pancakes and E-Readers

Day 75 in South Sudan….it went faster than I expected but still a long way to go. The day started off great…what beautiful sunrises and sunsets here. 


Ken (my boss), made a pancake breakfast for us. It’s been great so far…I cook, he cleans! Today, he cooked, so eventually I should clean I guess. I decided to put some clothes in my wardrobe today…getting tired of living out of barrack boxes and suitcases. Today is the first day in over a month I haven’t felt tense or worried about gunshots, violence etc. So far so good. I haven’t heard a gunshot in over 4 days now. The worst of hearing them is that you don’t know WHY there’s been a shot…are they shooting because they are drunk, robbing someone, or worse, killing someone? It’s nerve wracking to say the least. These past few nights, the worst noise I’ve had to contend with is the damn dogs barking and that stupid rooster beneath my window that starts crowing at all hours of the early morning, waking me up! Grrrrr

Up until last weekend, most of the people living in Canada House have been going to work everyday…it’s nice that they have started ramping down their work hours now that the crisis appears to be over…at least over in the sense that there is no fighting near us. It’s nice to have everyone around for company although me staying in my room and going through 1000’s of pics and sorting them out has kept me apart for the morning. They all went out for a beer run…Beth is bringing me back some Stoney’s. Now that’s a good pop! Coca-Cola makes it..it’s a ginger beer (not a beer really)…the equivalent to our Gingerale but waaaay better! I think I will petition Coca-Cola to start selling it in Canada! Yum

Before all the fighting began, Canadians were famous in the circles here for hosting ball hockey games every Saturday. It looks like this is back on now that the curfew has been extended until 7pm. It will be nice when it gets extended back to 8pm so we can go for pizza night at the AFEX again (African Expedition Force). That is a beautiful little area on the Nile that serves pretty good food for a decent price…oh, I want a pizza! And I am craving nachos…my corn chips should be arriving in another week or so..the last two shipments of them were stolen somewhere between Canada and here. Hope whoever has them, enjoyed them! 

Spent most of the day reading and blogging in between culling pictures. I think I’ve gone through 6 books so far. Thank god for e-readers! Trying to slog through all of Terry Brooks’ series…fantasy/magic type themes. There is a marked difference in his style of writing from his first books up to his most latest series. Highly recommended. Once I finish with him, I wonder which author is next. I am still waiting patiently for the next in the Peter Brett’s series and Robin Hobb is done writing I think. Suggestions welcome! Medeival/Fantasy/Magic type authors are my fav right now. 🙂

Plans for the rest of the day include waiting for water to be delivered…it’s only been four days and 3 phones calls later you know!..taking a dip in the pool (yes, we have a “water reservoir”!) then off to watch everyone play ball hockey (no, I don’t play!) . I am their number one fan! 

That’s it for today

Soldiermomma signing off


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  1. theunforgivingminute

    Reblogged this on The Unforgiving Minute and commented:
    Shout out to all the soldier moms out there! You rock!

  2. theunforgivingminute

    Glad to hear that things sound to be getting better for you. Sounds like a great group to be deployed with.
    Keep your head down.
    Love you!

    • Yup! Getting better and for sure a great bunch of people with lots of experience to draw from…thank god cause I was freaked out! I will admit it. Love you too!

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