24 January 2014- Blog, Blog, Blog

KingfisherOkay, so blogging seems to be the “in” thing…and so I am giving this a shot. Can’t promise I will keep this up on a daily basis, but I thought this would be a great place to brag, rant, vent or just plain ramble on about things that happen in the course of my daily life. Be prepared, this could be boring or it could be fun! Only time will tell…I can guarantee with my life, it’s probably going to be a roller coaster ride!

So let’s get this started. Here I sit at my desk trying to kill some of the long hours I spend in front of my computer. Doing business in South Sudan is not like doing business in North America that’s for certain. People always complain about how a company says they will be there between such and such a time…well, here, you would be lucky if they show the same day you call and ask for something…worst of it is, you can’t leave thinking they will be here because you don’t want to miss out on having important things like water etc delivered. Sigh. In a nutshell, that’s how I spend my days here so I won’t go on about it anymore.

African Harrier Hawk African Thrush Cattle egret Common Bulbul Common Buzzard Double Tooted Barbet Hadada Ibis Hunter's Sunbird Red Eyed Dove Ross's Turaco Ross's Turacos Sacred Ibis Turaco

To highlight my time spent here already, I was afforded the opportunity to get some well needed rest and relaxation in Kampala, Uganda! I stayed at the Golf Course Hotel with some of my new friends from Australia..what a great place. I was in bird heaven as you can see from the pictures above! The hotel boasted of wide windows in the room that opened up completely and looked out into the trees where the birds were landing and frolicking around. As well, there was a fifth floor terrace where I could have sat for hours…in fact where I DID sit for hours, with my camera just enjoying the fresh air, cooler temperatures and being in my happy place. I am really hoping to get back to Uganda again before this trip ends…what a lovely country! 

Conversely, South Sudan consists of 40+ degree dry heat, lots of sand and dirt and looks like a garbage dump…it is sad to see what could be a beautiful country turned into a literal toilet and garbage can. And the air quality is brutal from everyone burning garbage and plastic bottles…it’s not even fit to breathe or go outside some days because of it. I truly hope that someday this country progresses to the point where it cleans itself up and makes itself appealing to tourists, businesses and the like. What a prosperous place this could be! And the beaded jewelry the women make in the tradition of the different tribes is phenomenal! On my bucket list to purchase before I come back is some of this beautiful handiwork. 

Well, that’s it for me today.

Soldiermomma signing off


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  1. Hey Lou!! So now I have followed you here!!! I am hard to get away from…LOL!!! Your photos are amazing and love to see the variety you are getting!!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! All the cool kids are doing it!! 🙂 I’ve signed up for your blog!! Keep ‘er comin’.

  3. Kim Robertson Walker

    This is good Lou! Sometimes blogging is more for yourself than the rest of the world and it works.

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